Ten years ago was the 2010 WNBA Season, this season was filled with excitement and exciting plays. New rookies joining, returning veterans, an exciting All-Star Game, thrilling playoffs, and exhilarating finals. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to a decade ago, to reminisce on the Top Ten Plays of the great 2010 WNBA season.

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10. Tina Thompson’s Record-Breaking Shot

On August 10th, 2010, Tina Thompson made history. Thompson scored her 6264th point to pass Lisa Leslie to become the All-Time Leading Scorer (in 2010). During this time the Sparks were down 50-44 against San Antonio, and this two-point jump shot brought Thompson closer to the Stars and made her the All-Time Leading scorer at the time, now in 2020, Thompson is in 2nd, following Diana Taurasi.

9. Nasty Block by Tamika Catchings

To help secure the lead in the final seconds of the game, Tamika Catchings of the Indiana Fever took the game into her own hands. Catchings blocked opponent Mistie Bass‘ shot to ensure the game was a win for the Fever. Bass appeared to have an easy shot, but out of nowhere Catchings appeared and knocked this shot out of bounds. This helped secure the win for the Fever by a score of 78-74.

8. A Deadly Cross-over then Layup by Taurasi

During a fast break for the Phoenix Mercury in the 4th quarter, the Mercury was down by 15 against the Lynx. Diana Taurasi knew she had to take matters into her own hands to shorten the Lynx’s lead. She quickly cut past many defenders and through contact to score an easy left-handed layup. Taurasi’s game-changing play helped bring the Mercury one basket closer to tying or beating the Lynx.

7. Play Saved by Leilani Mitchell

When her teammates were about to lose the ball, Leilani Mitchell stepped into the chaos to help save the play. She took the ball and ran with it to score with contact. Mitchell took the ball into her court and helped save the team from a turnover and potentially a basket for the other team. This move set the pace for the rest of the 4th quarter and helped increase the lead over the Indiana Fever.

6. Steal and Assist by Toliver

After a turnover for the Sparks, Kristi Toliver was determined to get the ball back for her team. She stepped in and took one for the team. After the team missed a shot previously, the Tulsa Shock got the ball and was passing it when Toliver stepped in. She quickly stole the ball and did a behind the back pass to her teammate for the basket. Toliver went from offensive to defense back to offense in a matter of seconds. This play helped the Sparks gain a bigger lead on the Shock.

5. Behind the Back Bucket by Abrosimova

Svetlana Abrosimova was headed to the basket when she realized the shock clock was going down. Abrosimova did not want to lose the play and the potential basket. Before this play, the Seattle Storm was tied with the Los Angeles Sparks, so she wanted to help the Storm gain a lead. Abrosimova was aware of the shot clock so she took a risky behind the back shot and made it. This shot shocked fans, but was a great bucket for Abrosimova and brought the Storm to a two-point lead.

4. Lefty Move by Lindsay Whalen

Lindsay Whalen of the Minnesota Lynx utilized her dribble and spin moves to get past defenders. The Lynx were down by four points in the late 1st quarter. Then, Whalen took the ball down the court and to the basket. Then she kept her dribble when on the three-point line and dribbled to the basket. Continuing her dribble, she dribbled past defenders and did a spin move to open up the lane to the basket. Whalen finished off the move with an easy left-handed layup that brought the Lynx closer to the Liberty.

3. Shot Clock 3-pointer by Swanier

Ketia Swanier of the Phoenix Mercury noticed the shot clock was winding down and she wanted to do something about it. Although with defenders on her, Swanier hoped she would at least get fouled, or if nothing happened at least she would have tried. After the shot went off no one expected it to go in, but she made it in. Not only did she make a great shot, but it was also a beautiful shot that was swished, not even banked. This shot by far deserves to be In the Top Ten Plays of 2010, especially in the top three.

2. Crossover Cappie

Second best was done by, Cappie Pondexter of the New York Liberty wanted to create space to get to the basket and that is what she did. Cappie dribbled down the court and ‘crossed up’ her defenders to create a lane to the basket. She not only utilized her dribble to get to the basket but used her crossover to get passed her defender and to the basket. This is why she is named Crossover Cappie in my book because, during this game, Cappie showed herself to be able to use her crossover. Once Cappie got passed her defender, she had an easy lane to the basket for a layup. This move by Cappie definitely puts her in the Top Ten Plays of 2010, as well as the 2nd best play of the season.

1. And One Layup by Price

In conclusion, the last top play was by Armintie Price (later Herrington) of the Atlanta Dream, made a game-changing play. The Atlanta Dream was down against the Phoenix Mercury and Price paid attention to that. She stole the ball from the Mercury by jumping in between the pass and made her way down the court. Not only did she make a layup, but she made layup through contact. This play sent Armintie to the free-throw line for a chance to make this play a three-point play. The Dream was trailing behind the Mercury and this play helped bring them closer in the score. This play deserves to be in the Top Ten Plays of 2010 and at the 1st position because she utilized many athletic skills to score at the basket and make it to the free-throw line.

In 2010 the league was filled with talented players and teams. All of these different skill sets demonstrated talent and perseverance throughout the season. Players fought hard for their team to win, no matter the cost. Whether it be a blocked shot, a steal, a crossover, or a last-minute shot, these plays all deserve the recognition of being in the Top Ten Plays of 2010.

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