I was doing a deep dive in my Twitter feed (a very deep apparently since this tweet is from October; also, I’m @WilliamFKing by the way, follow me), and I came across the tweet below and figured I should let everyone know my Mount Rushmore of WWE entrance themes!

It’s easy to come up with more than four. The hard part is limiting yourself to four.

And because I am incapable of playing by the rules, I’m going to list a few honorable mentions (six to be exact), then hit you with my Mount Rushmore.

Honorable Mentions

Triple H – “My Time”

This theme isn’t going to be one that some casual fans will know, but it’s my favorite of Triple H’s.

It also coincided with Triple H’s rise from solid to superstar and forming a faction you may have heard of, D-Generation X.

Chris Jericho – “Break the Walls Down”

I distinctly remember the build-up to Jericho’s debut. The constant little vignettes and them bam, the final countdown came. This was before the days of a wrestling fan ruining every possible surprise for themselves by simply perusing the interwebs.

It doesn’t matter what theme he had in WCW or whatever the knockoff nonsense he has now in AEW. His WWE theme is infinitely superior.

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase – “It’s All About the Money”

Ted DiBiase has, hands down, the best laugh in wrestling history, and it’s the absolute best way to open his theme song. Easily one of the best heels the industry has ever known, he had the perfect theme song to match his persona.

“The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels – “Sexy Boy”

I mean, no, he’s not a sexy boy anymore, and his voice wasn’t *ahem* quality, but to this day, if I hear this song, I sign along. It can’t be helped. The Heartbreak Kid has always been a favorite of mine, and the song brings me back to my youth.

I make ’em hot.
I make ’em shiver.
Their knees get weak,
Whenever I’m around.
They see me walk,
They hear me talk,
I make ’em feel,
Like they’re on cloud nine

I mean, COME ON.

The Rock – “Electrifying”

When The Rock’s theme hit, it would always bring a huge reaction, whether it was The Great One as a heel or as a face. It didn’t matter (see what I did there) what else was going on or which side of the aisle he was at the time. His theme hitting always got the most electric reaction.

Shinsuke Nakamura – The Rising Sun

I had only heard of Nakamura by seeing videos of some of his matches from New Japan Pro-Wrestling, so I was excited about being signed to WWE and brought in to NXT. What I didn’t expect was his theme song is incredible. The violin is fire, and the crowd reaction never disappoints.

Mount Rushmore of WWE Entrance Themes

Dusty Rhodes – “Common Man Boogie”

Maybe I’m a little biased because I have always enjoyed The American Dream, but his entrance theme is top-notch. Like all the other great entrance themes, it emulates perfectly the character the wrestler personifies.

D-Generation X – “Are You Ready?”

Arguably the top faction in not just WWE history but wrestling history, they have one of the best entrance themes to boot. In the midst of the Monday Night War, the ratings battle between the WWE and WCW brought out the best (and the worst) in the industry.

D-Generation X will be forever remembered and, maybe one day, if they ever fully transition away from PG, emulated.

Until then I have two words for ya…

Stone Cold Steve Austin – “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me”

My Mount Rushmore of WWE Entrance Themes is not in any particular order, but if it were, this would make a strong push to the number one overall. Once that glass breaks, any wrestling fan can see Stone Cold sauntering down the ramp ready to kick some ass and drinks some beers.

One of the icons of professional wrestling has an ultra iconic entrance theme to match his stature in the business.

CM Punk – “Cult of Personality”

So, CM Punk is what one might call polarizing. No matter what you think of him personally, he was an incredible competitor in the ring. He originally had a different entrance theme when he started in WWE, but after he was released and subsequently brought back, the WWE did something it rarely does – they spent money on an artist to use their music.

In this case it was the band Living Colour and their song “Cult of Personality”, which fit Punk to a T.

If you have thoughts on my Mount Rushmore of WWE Entrance Themes (or you think I missed something noteworthy) you can share them with me on Twitter @WilliamFKing. My other posts can be found right here. Looking for more professional wrestling from Belly Up Sports? Look no further than The Full Nelson Press!

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