I hate that the Browns are doing good right now. I’m a Dolphin’s fan and I would like very much for them to lose every week. But, they’re winning games and they just blew the doors off the Titans. The score wasn’t indicative of just how much they took the Titans to task. It also doesn’t show just what a lovely and elegant touchdown celebration Baker Mayfield and the rest of the skill’s players for the Browns displayed after one of their five scores.

It’s A+ stuff all the way around. Hats off to everyone involved.

We’ve seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to group celebrations. We’ve seen them treat the ball like a campfire routine, treat the ball like a bomb, and use the ball like a bowling ball celebration. And if you’re like me, then you’re all finished with seeing the group picture celebration where they find the camera and all get in it. My cringe sense gets all out of whack when every team does it because every team does it. This red carpet with Baker, pulling a perfect slide and shoot was original and crisp.

I know we’re all sick of seeing Baker in every commercial that we see on TV. I can almost promise you that won’t be the case next year. But, you can’t say that Baker isn’t entertaining when things are going well. When things aren’t going his way, it gets pretty rough because he is just an above-average quarterback that needs a running game to be good. I know he threw it all over the place yesterday, but that was one game. He did look great but keep doing that and I’ll change my mind on him.

It’s why I have zero problems making this Baker Mayfield celebration the celebration of the year. During this year, of all years, we deserve to celebrate quality celebrations. This runway celebration is the bee’s knees.

Let me know if I’m missing any other candidates for celebration of the year.

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