America’s new favorite guessing game, The Masked Dancer premiered this week. As the first group of five celebrities took the stage, the panelists and viewers tried to guess their identities. There were some fun routines, interesting clues and a surprise reveal during the premiere.

The Masked Dancer is the spinoff show inspired by the popular Masked Singer where it shifts the focus from vocals to footwork. Ten celebrities are disguised in costumes while doing a dance routine. Panelists and viewers use clues within routines to guess the identity of each contestant. Of course, there is a big reveal each week.

Masked Dancer Premiere Performances

Exotic Bird

Exotic Bird had impeccable skills on the dance floor as she mastered a salsa inspired style routine. She is a natural on the stage and it was a great way to end the night. The panelists feel like she is an athlete based on the clues.

Clues: Race track , competitive, perfume line, cooking, athletic and best by 07.

The Word Up Clue:  Scored

Most Popular Internet Guess: Venus Williams


Tulip is definitely a trained dancer who had an incredible performance. The tap-dancing was cool because you don’t see that often anymore. The panelists noticed her clean and precise footwork which helped them guess it was a professional performer.

Clues: Tiny, eleven o clock, bullied, stage presence, clicking heels and glee club.

Word Up Clue: Triple

Most Popular Internet Guess: Charli Damello

More Masked Dancer Introductions


Hammerhead is an entertainer and it showed in his routine There were some serious boy band vibes coming off him. Since he has so much stage presence it is safe to say that he is an artist of some sort. It seems that Hammerhead will be one to watch.

Clues: Athletic build, burgers, workaholic, early fame, boy band and life of the party.

Word Up Clue: Dramatic

Most Popular Internet Guess: Zac Efron

Disco Ball

Disco ball came out with some old school moves that were disco-inspired and went along with his costume.  He rocked his routine but it may not have been enough to beat the others. There were a lot of clues that pointed to him being a famous hip-hop artist.

Clues: Waterfall, family, disco. dog bone, hip hop, serve and protect.

Word Up Clue: Grammy

Most Popular Internet Guess: LL Cool J


Cricket jumped into everyone’s hearts with his performance this week. He was funny and entertaining as he stayed in character the whole time. The panelists think he is not a trained dancer because some of his footwork was messy. Therefore the Cricket will need to clean it up to compete with the others.

Clues: Slot machines,90210, power couple, four aces, tall and jokester.

Word Up Clue : Accomplished

Most Popular Internet Guess: Ian Zerring

Masked Dancer Premiere Reveal

In the first-ever Masked Dancer elimination the Disco Ball was revealed as an award-winning actor, artist, and hip-hop legend Ice T. He is well known for his role as Finn on the long-running Law and Order: SVU. It was a surprise to see him because the clues did not make sense at first.

This series is off to a great start and looks like it will be as successful as The Masked Singer There are some talented dancers this season so look out for that. Masked Dancer will continue Wednesdays on Fox.

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