The college football season has blown by. All that means is that Bowl Season is upon us! Now, Thomas Black and Alan Denton, the hosts of The Blackout podcast, are offering you the chance to win part of $250 in prizes by competing in their Bowl Pick’em contest hosted by ESPN.

The Blackout is known as “The Best #CFBPickemPod in the Land” by its listeners. This is because Thomas Black and Alan Denton host pick’em contests every college football season, offering prizes to those who finish near the top of the standings and giving listeners of the podcast some of their best plays in a weekly Pick’em Pod episode.

At the conclusion of the regular-season pick’em contest, The Blackout‘s winner took home $175 in prizes. Now, heading into Bowl Season, you can compete for some great prizes from some of Belly Up’s partners. These include prices from Fanz Collectibles, Hoff & Pepper, and Championship Footballs.

All you need to do is join the contest and make your selections when the games are released on Sunday. Then, if you finish in the top three, you will win some prizes for your hard work. Just make sure you tune into The Blackout’s Bowl Pick’em Pod. There, Thomas and Alan will give you their best value plays and playoff picks to help enhance your picks.

Before you make your picks, subscribe to the show to make sure you receive the Bowl Pick’em Pod as soon as it drops. Whether you’re an avid college football fan or only follow a single team, Thomas and Alan will keep you locked in to the things you need to have a chance to win part of $250 in prizes!

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