We have officially reached the quarter mark of the NBA season and the league is starting to shape itself. The real hoopers are coming out to play and the frauds are getting exposed.

The only stock higher than Gamestop and Blockbuster this week is the Utah Jazz! They are on a league-best 11 game win streak and have jumped both LA teams in the Western Conference for the top spot. The Spurs, 11-8, currently the fourth seed in the West is another team that has had a surprising early start to the season. The Miami Heat are coming out to a slow start this season after losing to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA championship last year, starting with a record of 7-12, which is third-worst in the Eastern Conference. Now that we have covered most of the major storylines from the week, let’s get to the full Week Six recap.

Top Dunks of the Week


Clear the runway for number one draft pick Anthony Edwards.

Jeff Green‘s dunk got the Nets bench doing piggy back rides!

Spicy P snatches Marvin Bagley‘s ankles then finishes the dunk.

LaMelo flys through the paints for the put-back slam and I think the announcers were pretty excited about that.

Cody Zeller slams one over the reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Best Plays of Week Six

John Wall back to doing vintage John Wall things.

Jokic with the full court DIME!

Tobias Harris. Ballgame. 76ers snap the Lakers 10-road game win streak.

KCP assaults Mason Plumlee, Plumlee gets the and-one

Dametime. *no other description needed*

Players were letting it fly from the logo all over the league in week six!

Funniest Moments of the Week

Damyean Dotson‘s free throw wanted no part in going in the hoop.


It’s sad boy hours for Bradley Beal and the Wizards. Beal has been averaging 39.8 points in the last five games and the Wizards are 1-4 and a league worst 3-10 on the year.

I suppose you could call that team bonding.

The NBA petty wars continue as Rondo waves Westbrook off court after he got ejected.

NBA Standings as of (1/31/2021)

Eastern Conference 
  1. 76ers 14-6
  2. Nets 13-8
  3. Bucks 11-8
  4. Pacers 11-8
  5. Celtics 9-6
  6. Hawks 10-9
  7. Cavaliers 9-10
  8. Hornets 9-11
  9. Knicks 9-11
  10. Magic 8-12
  11. Bulls 7-11
  12. Raptors 7-12
  13. Heat 7-12
  14. Pistons 5-15
  15. Wizards 3-12
Western Conference
  1. Jazz 15-4
  2. Clippers 15-5
  3. Lakers 15-6
  4. Nuggets 11-8
  5. Grizzlies 8-6
  6. Suns 10-8
  7. Trail Blazers 10-8
  8. Warriors 11-9
  9. Spurs 11-9
  10. Rockets 9-9
  11. Thunder 8-10
  12. Kings 8-11
  13. Mavericks 8-12
  14. Pelicans 7-11
  15. Timberwolves 4-14
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