Unless you don’t have internet access you are familiar with Doge coin. Doge truthers aka me, have taken the internet by storm following numerous tweets from sir Elon Musk. (world’s richest man)

One of Musk’s favorite reasons to have Doge is because “fate loves irony”. What he means by this is that often times the most ironic outcome becomes reality. Kind of like that ugly goomball that everyone picks on becoming a celebrity.

I don’t actually know anything about finance; this is my personal opinion.


Doge Coin is under the crypto umbrella. It is a currency in digital form as is BTC, XRP, XLM, or ETH. Crypto is to many, considered the future of currency. There are a number of good reasons to believe in crypto. Firstly, it’s digital nature is a major plus in times like now. It allows for one to handle less or potentially, no cash.

Another plus to crypto is that it runs on the blockchain. Blockchain is a running record that keeps track of every transaction ever. This technology is one of the key strongpoints to all cryptocurrencies.

Why Doge?

A doge coin

So why would anyone want Doge coin when there is already an established “gold” of crypto?

It’s quite simple to me. The times are a changing. The generations entering this economy are built on memes. The argument on Doge being worthless and just a meme always makes me think. It’s meme origin is what potentially makes it so valuable . It gives the coin a mascot rather than just a name. It gives the memer’s a sense of power. No cryptocurrency is funnier nor has more character than a Doge coin and thats exactly why it could make a run at being the fan favorite.

One plus is that everyone can afford to buy a single Doge coin. Doge to 1 dollar is one of the biggest movements on twitter right now. As long as the 200,000 plus followers keep on believing it will happen, it will. What you are thinking is what you are becoming, and there is a large amount of people that truly think Doge will hit a dollar some day.

It may take some time but if it does hit a dollar who’s to say there won’t be the Doge to $5 trend next. One Doge coin is worth 4.9 cents at the time of writing. Theres only two directions it can go from here and thats back to being worthless or to the fucking moon.

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