The Masked Dancer season one finale episode aired this week crowning a winner. Each contestant performed one last time, presented new clues and each one was revealed by end of the show. Tulip, Cotton Candy, and Sloth represent the final three.

There were amazing dancers, costumes, and clues in season one. This week’s episode took viewers on a journey relieving the best performances and moments. Also, some new exclusive clues were revealed. Then followed by amazing performances from the final three where only can take home the trophy.

Season One Finale Performances


Tulip had another beautifully skilled and emotional performance in the finale. She never fails to amaze and always gives a hundred percent on the dance floor each week. Therefore, the Tulip could be a professional performer based on how she commands the stage along with the clue package.

Clues: make up line, letter e, talented family, exhale and chess.

Word up clue: followers

Most Popular Internet Guess: McKenzie Ziegler


Sloth showed some quick footwork in his most energetic performance yet.   He is athletic and a good technical dancer which has made him a true contender throughout the season. Even though his clue package makes it confusing to guess who it is.

Clues: bad boy, jump street, clean slate, baby sloth and heart monitor.

Word up clue: magical

Most Popular Internet Guess: Hugh Jackman

Cotton Candy

The Cotton Candy had another breathtaking performance to end the season and make her a contender. She is one of the most talented and diverse dancers on the show. There is a lot to like about Cotton Candy. Based on her clues and routines Cotton Candy could be a professional performer or athlete.

Clues: Working out, penguins, prayers, balloons, criticisms and rain.

Word up Clue: foundation

Most Popular Internet Guess: Gabby Douglas

Season One Finale Reveals

Third and Second Place Reveals

Tulip was revealed as actress, singer, and tick-tock star, McKenzie Ziegler. She is well known for her role on the hit show Dance Moms and internet videos. She was a good dancer that had everyone rooting for her in the end.

The Sloth was revealed as champion professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. He is a champion dancer on the hit show Dancing with the Stars. Besides his clues and personality made it hard to guess who it could be.

Season One Finale Episode Winner

The Season one winner was Cotton Candy who was revealed as gymnast Gabby Douglas. She is an Olympic Gold Medalists for team USA as part of the fab five. Therefore the panelists and viewers guessed her the whole season because of the clues and her talent.

The Masked Dancer was a success in the first season with talented dancers and big celebrities. Now fans can look forward to season five of the Masked Singer which will kick off Wednesday, March 10th at 8 PM Et on Fox.  For more sports and entertainment visit Belly Up Sports.

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