The quarterback position is more valuable then ever in today’s NFL. Team’s can no longer afford to do well in spite of the quarterback. Each year the NFL Draft has many quarterbacks trying to achieve their dreams of playing professionally. This year’s headliners include Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields and Trey Lance. Like in previous drafts, there are always has quarterbacks that don’t get highly publicized. Past drafts that included Tom Brady, Rich Gannon and Mark Brunell immediately come to mind.

This year, teams like the Jaguars and Panthers will be upgrading the position; others like the Steelers and Falcons might be looking toward replacing their current quarterbacks. They would be wise to find a “diamond in the rough.” There are plenty of other quarterbacks who may not be headline names that can succeed in the NFL. Considering how deep this quarterback class is, this draft is no exception.

To find out which talented quarterback is most underrated; I caught up with Crissy Froyd of USA Today and The Draft Network, who knows a little something about evaluating the position.

Who is the most underrated quarterback in this year’s NFL draft?

Froyd: “Ian Book; he was considered a Heisman Trophy finalist and faded as the season went on due to inconsistency. He showed flashes and has great escapability and really shined at the last Senior Bowl practice. His accuracy was even on point. Although his size is a question, it’s not hurting him. Russell Wilson has this issue and its not affecting him.”

Ian Book: The Most Underrated QB in the Draft

What stands out about him?

Froyd: His ability to create and extend plays which makes him fun to watch.

What are his strengths?

Froyd: He’s nimble, athletic and has great escapability and his accuracy is improving.

What are his weaknesses?

Froyd: His size and has had that inconsistency.

Where do you project him to be drafted?

Froyd: He deserves to be taken in the third round; but most reasonably in the fourth.

How long until he will be ready to take a snap?

Froyd: one to two years, there is a lot of learning and development ahead.

What offensive system is the best fit for him?

Froyd: The Seahawks offense.

Will he become a star?

Froyd: Being a Russell Wilson like quarterback is his ceiling.

Given that Book has experienced consistency issues at Notre Dame, I believe that Book has what it take to be an NFL quarterback. With how he looked at the Senior Bowl practices that helped his stock immensely. While there will be a development period for him, the best is yet to come for the former Notre Dame star. He could end of being a steal like Russell Wilson was for the Seahawks.

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