The Masked Singer season five group A wild card round premiered on Wednesday, and the first wild card contestant entered the competition. The remaining contestants from group A returned to the stage for their second performances of the season.

It was a game-changer when contestants entered the show to reveal more new costumes.  The wild cards are finally here and ready to compete for their spot in the competition. Here is how it all went down in an epic night of surprises.

Group A Wild Card Round Recap:


Song: “All of Me” by John Legend

The Porcupine is an amazing singer and he proved it in his performance this week. He has one of the best voices in the competition, and he’s an early contender for first place. In the clue package, he spoke about growing up around first responders and helping them whenever he could.

Clues: Men At Work, cat, police, trash can, spiders and Costa Rica

Most Popular Internet Guess: Tyrese Gibson


Song: “Confident” by Demi Lovato

Seashell had an outstanding performance with a powerful voice. She stepped up her game this week by showing more confidence than in previous performances. This is clearly a professional performer like a singer or actor. In her clues, she referenced coming into her own and meeting someone who helped her out of her shell.

Clues: Camera Lens, books, cooking, baseball, famous spouse, and tornado.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Tamera Mowry


Song: “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash

The raccoon gave an interesting performance with his raspy voice. He did not seem like a professional singer, because of his limited vocal range, but he referenced being a boxer and actor later in life.

Clues: Boxer, coffee, cactus, batman, trainer and leading man.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Danny Trejo

Russian Dolls

Song: “Wonder” by Shawn Mendes

The Russian Dolls had one of the best performances of the season by showcasing some beautiful harmonies. They multiplied into three dolls and gave the impression that there could be more to come as the competition rolls on. They could be a big-time boy band. Their clue package included visuals from a hospital that showed a tragic event.

Clues: solar system, injury, banjo, lettermen jacket and glue.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Hanson

Enter Group A Wild Card:


Song: “Were Not Going to Take It” by Twisted Sister

The Orca is the first-ever masked singer wild card contestant and he did not disappoint the audience with his first impression. He came out with a rocking performance and a good gritty voice. The wild card is a welcomed surprise to season five. In his clue package, the orca talked about how hiding audition tapes in pizza helped him get his start.

Clues: Pizza, commercials, big waves, audition tapes, ticking clock, eagle and eleventh hour.

Most Popular Internet Guess: Mark McGrath

Group A Wild Card Round Reveal

The Raccoon was eliminated and lost his seat to the Orca. He was revealed to be the professional fighter and action star Danny Trejo. It was an interesting reveal because none of the panelists guessed him.

The wild card round provided an interesting twist to the competition. Tune into the group B wild card round next week for more masked madness. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Fox. For more sports and entertainment visit Belly Up Sports.

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