There’s “The Catch” which was Joe Montana to Dwight Clark. Then there’s Case Keenum to Stefon Diggs to win a playoff game as time expires. The point is that that there have been some amazing throws in football history. But none of these throws had the wow-factor of this throw by Villanova’s Daniel Smith to Mitchell Bothwell.

I’m not sure what you do with this if you’re the defense. You did everything right and then you have a quarterback do a somersault and, while he’s rotating his body end-over-end, he throws a football pass. Ordinarily, you’d be in a good spot if that happens.

But what you can’t count on is that Daniel Smith got hooked in a Game Genie for what I guess is NBA Jam and unlocked something where he can do a poor man’s flip and toss a football for a touchdown. You can’t really get mad at the defense because they did everything right. But the offense decided to use some cheat codes to succeed.

I’d love to tell you that other quarterbacks will piggyback off of Daniel Smith and start throwing passes like this. But I just don’t see it happening. There’s just too much pressure for these signal-callers. You have a few weeks where you aren’t checking it down when Twitter analysts think you should be and next thing you know you’re out of a job. No room for you to add acrobatics to your game.

Hats off for there being football still being played. I know none of us knows when it occurs, but it’s nice knowing that there are few conferences playing football at this moment. We should try and find that and get involved, but alas, I’m watching the Dolphins-Cardinals game from last year where Tua lit up Arizona. I suppose more flipping touchdown passes will move me closer to locating more Colonial Athletic Conference football games. Probably not though.

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