Sometimes, certain NFL teams make that one off-season move that dramatically shifts the landscape of the entire league. The type of move that sends a message to the league. That message being, we have arrived and we are here to stay. A warning shot to anyone on their schedule. It’s the 2021 season and Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson has arrived and has loudly delivered that message. JRob has engineered the splash of the off-season, one that will undoubtedly vault the Titans to the top of the AFC pecking order. Of course, I’m speaking of the Titans dynamite acquisition of former University of Michigan wrestler Adam Coon.

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I imagine some readers won’t know their collegiate and international wrestling, so allow me to give those people the book on Coon. The dude was a three-time All-American for Big Blue and a two-time NCAA finalist, amassing a 116-15 record for his career. On the international scene, Coon finished with a gold medal at the 2019 Pan-American Championships and added a silver medal at the same event in 2020. The guy is 6´5, 286 pounds of an athlete. He has been signed on by the Titans to add depth to an already strong offensive line. It’s really not important that he hasn’t played football since high school. This is an absolute high-level find by JRob, who I have to imagine had a conversation or two with Mike Vrabel before making this move.

Titans Dynamite Acquisition: Adam Coon
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Coach Vrabel knows that signing former stud wrestlers usually leads to winning Super Bowls. He won a few of them back in the day after Bill Belichick signed 1999 World Freestyle champion Stephen Neal. Like Coon, Neal ripped people apart wrestling in college but had no collegiate football experience to speak of. Belichick signed him anyway. Because you see, he’s smarter than everyone else. Neal would eventually start on the offensive line for the Super Bowl-winning 2004 Patriots team. Basically, it was a shrewd move by Belichick then, and it’s the Shrewdest play by JRob and Vrabel now. I’m not saying you can lock in Coon as a starter at some point…but you can pretty much lock him in as a starter at some point. Coach Vrabel and Jon Robinson get it. The Titans organization gets it. Coon essentially puts them over the top.

Titans trade for a WR

The Titans also traded for Julio Jones this weekend. Decent move. It’s always good to have WR depth.

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    That’s cool but how many gangster wraps can adam coon take down at once?????

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