This past Sunday, Euro 2020 came to an end. Italy took down England on their own soil and claimed the title at Wembley. In a hard-fought win over the Three Lions, the Italians decided to cancel the English “It’s coming home” chant and start one of their own…

It’s Coming to Rome!

Italy celebrates yet another victory at Euro 2020.

The European Championship was level at one apiece heading into extra-time, and would ultimately be decided in a close penalty shootout. Many around the world rejoiced at the result, but why? Are there just that many more Italian fans around the globe? Well, not necessarily…

This tweet pretty much summarizes it better than I ever could. English fans have done a great job striking a nerve with neutral fans worldwide. Consequently, there were many who chose to root against the Three Lions, so there were many smiling faces as Italy lifted their second ever Euro title!

Italy Wins the Shootout

Following three England misses in a row, Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma made the decisive save to win the shootout. Furthermore, he would go on to win the Player of the Tournament award. Ladies and gentlemen, the man is only 22 years old.

Are you kidding me? This guy is just getting started!

A Wild Euro 2020 Comes to a Close

Alas, another exciting tournament finishes. Time to exhale.

Euro 2020 has definitely been one to remember. Italy won it all. The final own goal count finished at eleven. Donnarumma has been named “Player of the Tournament”. Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Boot. English fans forgot how to act. It was a great tournament!

Although we’re all sad it’s over, we only gotta wait one more year until the big one: The 2022 World Cup!

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