Is it coming home? The England National Team can do it this Sunday when they take on Italy in the Euro 2020 final. Before the big game kicks off, however, let’s take a look back at England’s polarizing run in the tournament so far.

England Fans: You’re Making Your Team Look Bad

England players Henderson and Stones celebrate.

England’s journey to the final has split fans’ opinions worldwide. This is not solely a result of what’s happened on the pitch, however. Actions, particularly from English fans, have left a sour taste in the mouths of many. England has played the majority of their Euro 2020 matches at Wembley Stadium, meaning they’ve gotten home advantage in almost every game. This has let the world see English fans up close and personal. The behavior of a great deal of them has been baffling to say the least.

Wow. Time to take a step back and really think about what’s happening here. During England vs. Germany, the broadcast showed a distraught young German fan who was consoled by her father. Heartbreaking to see. Watching your country lose in a big knockout game highlights the painful side of sports.

But what’s even more heartbreaking was the response from certain English “fans”. Some so-called England supporters took to Twitter to hurl horrible abuse at the young girl online. This prompted the creation of a fundraiser in her support. Unbelievable that this sort of behavior is still happening to this day. We’ve got serious work to do.

The Disrespect Continues

England fans celebrate.

Unfortunately, the shameful behavior of English fans at Euro 2020 doesn’t end there. Having the home-field advantage on nearly every occasion, English fans have booed the singing of the opponent’s national anthems before kickoff. This was especially prevalent in the crucial knockout games against Germany and Denmark. Who cares about sportsmanship right? These antics are turning neutral fans against England:

Now if you’re an England supporter, the goal here isn’t to call you a chump. Not every England fan is going out and acting like this. But if you happen to know someone who is, kindly set them straight for us, will you?

England on the Pitch

In spite of their fans’ antics, the England team on the pitch has been fun to watch. They boast an in-form group of players who have been getting it done during Euro 2020.

While their play has no doubt garnered support around the world, there was still some controversy in their win yesterday over Denmark.

The Controversy in Yesterday’s Semifinal

In the semifinals of the tournament, England scored a late winner in extra time. They were awarded a penalty which Harry Kane had blocked but managed to finish the rebound. Here was why the penalty was awarded:

Give this man an Academy Award! His Oscar-worthy performance essentially gave England the win over Denmark. But the controversial finish to the match didn’t end there:

Additional ball on the pitch and England fans using laser pointers? Well, regardless of who you were rooting for in this semifinal, it’s hard to deny this was yet another entertaining game by the England National Team! And the best part of it all? We get to see them play again in just a couple of days!

England have been arguably the most polarizing nation at Euro 2020 so far. Much of this has been thanks to the behavior of fans. Italy is the last to stand in the way of some shiny silverware for the Three Lions. So once again, is it coming home? We’ll have to wait and see on Sunday!

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