Kendrick Perkins is the latest ‘hot take’ artist to grace our television screens.

He isn’t the first (by a long shot), and he won’t be the last, but he is the current leader in the clubhouse of gum flappers known for saying outlandish shit just for the sake of saying outlandish shit.

Perkins didn’t just join the hot take scene this year, but he has gotten quite a bit of airplay off his takes on Giannis Antetokounmpo, Greg Popovich, and Team USA.

Giannis Is… Robin?

Being a former professional player, Perkins should have known better here.

Anyone that has watched Giannis at all the last few years could tell you he was no Robin. No disrespect to The Boy Wonder, but he is second fiddle for a reason. Giannis is a superstar in the game.

There’s no world where Khris Middleton is A-side over Giannis.

Perk Done With Pop

I can’t pinpoint why he feels so strongly about Gregg Popovich, but he didn’t feel strongly enough to leave the tweet up.

I understand Pop can rub some the wrong way, and he isn’t charming to the media, but he’s one of the greatest coaches in NBA history.

Who knows, maybe he deleted it by accident? Maybe it’s his coaching style, OR maybe he realized he shouldn’t have had the audacity to tweet that nonsense out in the first place.

Jalen Rose Has Had enough

ESPN’s Jalen Rose erupted on Perkins and his wannabe hot take artist ability and treated him as we all want to.

Be honest, despite how harsh that run-down could be taken, it felt good hearing it, right?

Rose took all of Perkins’ recent takes and destroyed them and him.

Perkins and His Catch Phrase

Last but not least, we have the insignificant issue of Perkins using some variation of “carry the hell on…” as his own personal catchphrase.

It’s forced in the same way that “fetch” was forced in the cinematic masterpiece that is Mean Girls.

Am I a 39-year-old man referencing the movie Mean Girls to make a point on an NBA commentator? Yes and, even if I shouldn’t be, I am okay with it.

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