PFL Playoffs 2022 Media Day, New York

Anthony Pettis has a lot going on in his life. And he’s on the hunt for a championship in the one organization he has yet to win; the Professional Fighters League. That journey begins Friday night at the Hulu Theater inside Madison Square Garden. And despite all of it, Anthony Pettis is not done yet, saying he has more to do.

For the first time in his long career he’s in a rematch where he’s lost to his opponent the first time out. And Steven Ray won’t be a walk over this time. However; Pettis also knew going into that fight just a couple of weeks ago that he had this one in the bag. And both fighters said they were the more productive ones. Pettis also mentioned that Ray never took him down to the canvas, and he just made a slight miscalculation getting himself caught in a twister.

Anthony Pettis Not Done Although Very Busy

“SHOWTIME” comes from a large family that means a lot to him. One that continues to grow as a matter of fact; just finding out recently he has a teenage uncle. He also runs Pettis Martial Arts Gym. And has taken the plunge to become a fight promoter as well. Pettis is the front man for APFC. And that fledgling organization is already paying dividends for both fighters and promoter. As he said;

“Doing this is about legacy”.

And on the topic of being a promoter, he harbors no ill will towards his former boss, Dana White.

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Anthony Pettis at Media Day

However, he did have others he was close to in the UFC. Including Nakisa Bidarian, who is now Jake Paul‘s business partner at Most Valuable Promotions. His original plan was to stay in New York for the Paul versus Rahman Jr fight at the Garden the next night; as he’s a big supporter of all Paul’s done. But with that card falling off, he’ll be heading back home.

Although Pettis did state that

“Before I’m done, I will have a boxing match. It’s something I’m serious about. I’ve actually been training with Jorge Capetillo (who has trained the likes of Tyson Fury and others)”.

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