Monday, March the 9th: It was for myself and most other people in the racing world the start to another long week. A week where we all got up to go to our nine to five jobs and await patiently for the weekend of racing in Georgia. We didn’t have a clue at that point that a life without racing was an option just yet. We would soon though.

I don’t need to go into detail on what happened through the rest of that week. We all know that NASCAR met teams at the track and sent them back home. Racing didn’t happen and wasn’t going too, COVID-19 had finally taken stock car racing! My weekend was dramatically changed, instead of attending the race in Atlanta with my wife, I got to sit at home. There was no in hauler interview with Tanner Grey, no chance at meeting John Hunter Nemechek in the media center or any other driver for that matter. However, NASCAR fans are special creatures in that they can find just about anything to occupy there time. That’s just what I am going to do, give some of the other sports fans a dip into a few of the Racing team members life without racing.

Your Senior Racing Writers

So, if you guys are fans of the Belly Up Racing department you know there are a few of us who have been around on the team for a while. You’ve got the patriarch of the racing team for Belly Up, and resident pod-caster Rattlesnake. Then you’ve got our favorite ERSCA recap writer Trey or our resident “high-class white trash” according to his Twitter. Then you have myself, I don’t really have any cool things to say about myself like those prior two guys. However, it’s been a life without racing for us that’s for sure.

Rattlesnake, that man is a special specimen in himself. I’m pretty sure he drove from Austin, Texas all the way to the Carolina’s and back. Just for the pure satisfaction of it, then not to mention this man works his full-time job and creates some hilarious podcasts. Oh, I can’t forget his regular bull-shitting on Netflix as well. That’s probably one of the more important things he has done.

Now Trey, well this poor guy went out and bought some iRacing equipment and has ventured into the world of iRacing. Not only that though he has occupied his time working his full-time job as well. Not only that he hasn’t missed a beat on recapping all of our ERSCA races. Whether he believes that or not he’s still coming up with some solid content, and don’t worry boys racing is back in a week. Its about time we enjoy some cold beverages and watch racing like it we will be doing next Sunday.

Now for myself well you haven’t seen a lot from me, because instead of ignoring my adult responsibilities during the racing season. I have been made by the “old lady” to put our life’s in gear and purchase a house. Like really?! Come on woman, it’s race season. However, that purchase has been made. Now I will be enjoying myself a cold beverage on MY own back porch next Sunday when racing returns. Life without racing has been an interesting time for us race team members that is for sure.

Our Rookies

Well, Josh has been with us a little longer than Erin. However, these two have been two of the three rock-stars of the racing team. Especially since a life without racing has been hard for me personally. They have been the most consistent writers besides Trey, with some awesome content about our livelihood, and about how someone needs to give Kyle Larson a hug.

Josh well I actually met Josh through a contest we did last year on the Twitter page. I could sense his passion for racing with how hard he tried to win. I’ve seen more posts about the weather on twitter from him recently then I see from most weathermen. We all have secondary loves to racing I guess right?

Erin is a team member I didn’t really have a whole lot of knowledge of until she was brought on board. However, she is awesome and has not disappointed me in the least. She stands by in our group chat and watches the rest of the idiots act out. However, her life without racing has been a lot like her life within the racing company chat. She told me she has been entertaining two kids under the age of three each day. I can tell you personally that it isn’t easy both of my boys are under three and it’s almost like navigating the big one at a track like Bristol.

Life Without Racing Final Lap

NASCAR fans are special specimens. We will always find a way to entertain ourselves even if we don’t have racing. I mean as mentioned above whether it be from traveling to following the weather. Heck, maybe you decided to pursue an iRacing career nonchalantly. Or you might have even had to adult a little while racing was gone. However, guys and gals racing is back in a week to be exact. It will not be the racing we are used to seeing on TV. Also, no fans will be in the stands but we will be crowded around a TV at home!

So, with all that being said make sure you stay tuned to my personal Twitter, and the Belly Up Racing Twitter for seriously anything and everything racing related.

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