One name you are going to get familiar with over the next year is Bol Bol. The media has been a major influence in where college athletes are being drafted by professional teams. Oftentimes the media will try to either hype players up or point out their weaknesses and lower their draft stock. One player that fell in the 2019 NBA draft is the one and only Bol Bol. Bol fell all the way to the 44th spot on the draft board. He was drafted by the Miami Heat and then sent to the Denver Nuggets. Bol is the son of former NBA legend Manute Bol. In his first year in the NBA, Manute averaged 5 blocks per game. He is one of the best shot blockers the league ever saw. If Bol does nothing else he will at least be a great shot blocker, no question.

When you watch him play you can immediately see he is built differently. He has the size gifted from his father but is a little shorter which could actually be beneficial to his game. Manute was almost too tall standing at 7’7. Bol can handle the ball and run the floor more efficiently at a slightly smaller size of 7’2. However Bol is only 21 years young, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back next year 2-inches taller like Jayson Tatum apparently just did this offseason. 

Bubble Bol

Although Bol appeared in the “Bubble”, he is technically still a rookie heading into the new year and has clear intentions to win the rookie of the year award. With his ability to play both center and forward Bol will get plenty of minutes and could potentially work his way into the starting 5. He has a real shot of being a superstar with his size and ability to score, along with his great teammates helping him along the way. Bol and Nikola Jokic could easily be the most dominant big man duo in the league. “The Joker” is already being referred to as one of the best. The addition of Bol to this squad gives them a serious shot at contending for the championship once again.

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