Houston hoops fans were left heartbroken and angry after the news broke about the Rockets and Nets trade. The multi-team blockbuster trade sent Houston icon James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for a few role players, and practically enough draft picks to start an entirely new expansion team! One Houston car wash spot took this opportunity to offer free car washes for Harden jerseys!

When any big-name player leaves their team, diehard fans have the great idea to grab the closest bottle of lighter fluid and their jersey collection and run to the closest fire pit or trash can! However, two Houstonians took this time of mourning and turned it into a genius marketing campaign! According to ABC13, the owners of iCarwash in Houston are accepting James Harden jerseys for free car washes! The owners, Zishan and Mikaeel Quresham, a father-son duo, want to help ease Rocket’s nations’ heartache by taking fans “trash” and giving their cars a nice shine!

What’s The Plan With The Harden Jerseys?

According to TMZ Sports, the owners plan to burn all the jerseys the first time James Harden and the Nets come to Houston to play the Rockets. I understand how this ceremonious burning of jerseys can be seen as a way to metaphorically cut all ties to “The Beard” or as an act of voodoo magic to bring about some good luck. However, I really think the father-son pair are wasting a perfectly good collection of future vintage jerseys. Not to mention missing out on a wonderful investment opportunity!

iCarwash was quick to show Harden the way out, singing him “bye bye bye” as he left. This “Bye Felicia” billboard has already caught the attention of dozens of H-town crazies willing to donate some “trash” for a free car cleaning.

Now personally, if I were the Quresham family, bringing in dozens of free Harden jerseys, I would hold on to those bad boys until all the bad blood has worn off and people think it’s cool to rock #13 again. In five or ten years, those things could be worth $100 bucks a pop easy!

Once The Smoke Clears

At the end of the day, after the shock of it all has dissipated, Harden will go down as a Rockets all-time legend and one of the greatest offensive masterminds to touch the hardwood. “The Beard” balled out for the city of Houston for eight great years. He averaged 29.6 points a game, he was an All-Star every single year, the Rockets never missed the playoffs. He won an MVP with the Rockets! As a matter of fact, the man has led the league in scoring for the past three seasons! In other words… the dude was, is, AND WILL ALWAYS BE an undeniable bucket.

Once the salty Rockets faithful realize this, or once they drive through their first mud puddle in their clean new cars, they’ll be wishing they had their jerseys back.

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