The Brooklyn Nets are seeking trades to fine-tune their roster post their trade for James Harden. The newly formed Eastern Conference powerhouse hosts a big three of James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. This newly formed offensive powerhouse has massive expectations over their heads. However, the supporting cast is much to be desired at this time. Currently sitting at 11-8 in the Eastern Conference, the three are still meshing together in a high powered offense but a sub-par defensive team with championship aspirations. Therefore, the Brooklyn Nets might target the Cavs big men in order to plug in the holes of their championship roster.

Nets Target

Reports around the league pinpoint a Cavs/ Nets trade once more. the Nets are targeting JaVale McGee, Andre Drummond, and Kevin Love. All three big men currently play for the Cavaliers and are becoming expendable because Jarrett Allen is in town now. (Acquired in the Harden deal)

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With the big three, the Nets are top-heavy salary wise. Thus making a trade for a quality center can be difficult. Unless if they are at a discount. the Nets currently have a $5.7 million exception because of Spencer Dinwiddie’s season ending injury. Therefore, they could take on JaVale McGee’s salary easily if they trade for him. As for the other two, trading for them will be a bit tricky because of their albatrosses of salaries.


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Andre Drummond is currently under contract with a $22.12 million dollar contract. Kevin Love’s contract is $31.26 million. The Net’s are currently over the salary cap by around $40 million. You can attribute that to their top heavy star’s salaries. Therefore, trading for one of these two big men would be undeniably difficult. However, despite the salary troubles the Nets are reportedly eyeing these two big men. According to reports, the Nets are showing interest in Kevin Love.

Kevin Love’s Fit

Kevin Love Stats, News, Bio | ESPN
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Love is an impressive rebounder and a career 37 percent shooter from behind the arc. As a scorer, Love could potentially add depth to the bench unit for Brooklyn. This is imperative because of the fact that the Nets depleted their bench in the Harden trade. Also, the Spencer Dinwiddie injury hampered their bench scoring. Love is a career 11.1 per game rebounder, which would be a boon on the glass for the Nets. But if Brooklyn is seeking defense, Love is not going to make a contribution there.

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That’s where McGee and Drummond enter the fray. McGee more so than Drummond per say. JaVale is an NBA champion and a known shot blocker. He also has a $4 million dollar salary which is easier to trade for as of now compared to Drummond’s $22.12 million. With the Net’s $5.7 million salary exception, their best bet is to trade for McGee. Then, hope that Drummond or Love reach a buyout mid-season.

Either way, the the Brooklyn Nets should target one of the Cavs big men in a trade to acquire an anchor to their defense at this moment.

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