Over the past year Covid 19 affected and systematically changed the world of sports as we know it. The pandemic forced socially responsible players in the NHL and most other sports to hide their faces behind masks and regularly wash or sanitize their hands to protect their family and friends safe, remain healthy, and continue playing.

The NHL and COVID in 2021: Looking Ahead

To further reduce the elevated risk factors associated with team sports all high-traffic areas receive more frequent deep-cleaning routines. Regular diagnostic testing ensures all high-risk environments remain as safe as possible for all individuals involved in team activities. Teams will continue training in isolation bubbles. Measures such as these will remain in place for the foreseeable future until wide-spread vaccinations halt the spread of the disease.

Preseason & Training Camps

The 2021 season will start without any preseason games. The 24 teams that qualified for the 2020 NHL expanded postseason will start training camp on the 03 January. The 7 teams that failed to qualify will start training camp on New Year’s Eve. Teams are limited to invite 36 players with no limit placed on the number of goalie invites. Due to the shortened training camp period, it is unlikely any unheralded players will emerge before the season’s start.

Upcoming Highlights

After experiencing a dismal season over the past year due to Covid fans can look forward to some NHL games being played outdoors that will make the upcoming season sensational.

In addition to the usual slew of issues, such as injuries and player penalties, that normally prevents a full-strength team from making an appearance, the effects of Covid further decimated teams. Teams intend to treat fans to a spectacular 20-21 season with several matches considered to play outdoors. Potential outdoor venues include the Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings, and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Effects of Covid on Sportsbetting

The pandemic and its various resultant lockdowns had a huge effect on sportsbetting which completely changed people’s approach to betting. Most people started placing online bets exclusively and many NHL fans recommended Bodog Casino. Over the years Bodog established a rock-solid reputation for honesty and fairness amongst online bettors. Naturally, this makes the brand a top choice for new players looking for a reliable source of safe online entertainment.

For much of the 19-20 season maximum stadium attendance was reduced to a 50% ratio to cut down on potential super-spreader events. As a result, televised viewer totals boomed in comparison to any previous season.

Gaining Knowledge About Covid and the NHL

Over course of the past season teams in the NHL have learned plenty about how to remain operational and keep playing in relative safety by instituting a host of simple but strict sanitizing and other preventative measures. We don’t know everything yet but here’s what we know right now about the NHL and COVID-19.

How Covid Affects The 20-21 Season

The NHL and COVID in 2021: Looking Ahead

Approximately 30 players tested positive during training camp, although many remained asymptomatic and recovered quickly. Sports stadiums in the NHL will remain void of fans during match day but the rules provide for individual teams to elect to allow fans to fill the seats.

Teams will compete in four divisions namely North, East, Central, and West, over a 56-game condensed season to the Stanley Cup playoffs. The league will take on a traditional 16 team, best of 7 team format for the playoffs. The NHL elected to host many of the games in two “bubble” or “hub” cities, while divisional alignment will also allow teams to play home arena games with teams that miss out on home games – instead playing on so-called neutral grounds.

Covid 10 Protocols for the 20-21 Season:

The league requires teams to disclose the names of players who tests positive for Covid and may no longer rule players “unfit to play”.

All players who tested positive are obliged to follow stipulated isolation guidelines as per the local public health regulations.

All players who made close contact with fellow teammates who tests positive for Covid may continue playing if they test negative and remain asymptomatic.

Coaches must continue to wear face masks while on the bench.

All players will stay in individual hotel rooms during any road trip and may not go to bars, shops or eat at restaurants.

Team hotels will serve all meals on the premises and teams must provide all transportation.

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