Last week, I predicted what the CFP rankings would be for week 12. This week, rather than do predictions, I figured I’d just breakdown the actual rankings. Usually, I’d do this on Tailgate on the Quad, but we recorded early due to the holiday, and I can’t just ignore the rankings.

1. Georgia Bulldogs

They played Charleston Southern last week. Did anyone really expect them to lose or fall anywhere in the rankings? Georgia has the best defense in the country, and they have a good offense.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State just decimated the seventh ranked team in the country on the backs of Stroud as well as Earth, Wind, and Fire. They arguably should have been number two sooner, but the committee fixes it this year

3. Alabama Crimson Tide

ALT: Alabama has barely beaten LSU and Arkansas at home after losing to Texas A&M on the road. They are lucky to still be in the top four.

4. Cincinnati Bearcats

The Cincinnati “UCF’s Revenge” Bearcats have finally done it. After a dominating win against the 6th best offense in the country, they’ve earned it.

5. Michigan Wolverines

Michigan will be here for a week until Ohio State blows the doors off them in “The Game.”

6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Is Brian Kelly still in favor of execution after the latest CFP rankings?
Photo Credits: ESPN

Apparently execution wasn’t necessary, as Notre Dame has a chance of sneaking into the top four as the season winds down.

7. Oklahoma State Cowboys

A lot of attention in the Big 12 this season has gone to Texas sucking, Oklahoma struggling, and Baylor beating Oklahoma. In spite of that, the Cowboys have put together a great season and are within spitting distance of the playoffs.

8. Baylor Bears

If Baylor hadn’t lost to TCU, they could be sitting at seven (because the CFP rankings ignore head-to-head games). Unfortunately, they did lose and have no chance of making the playoffs*.

*Okay, they have a chance, but they would need Oklahoma to lose, they would need to win, then beat Oklahoma State in the Big 12 Championship, then have Alabama beat Georgia in the SEC championship and have them both lose this weekend, then have Ohio State blow out Michigan before being blown out in the Big Ten Championship. Even if all that happens, it is far from a sure thing.

9. Ole Miss Rebels

Ole Miss is sort of falling into the nine spot here. They only won by 14 against a now 2-9 Vanderbilt. However, teams above them lost and no one below them beat up on a ranked team, so Ole Miss lucked out.

10. Oklahoma

After their loss to Baylor, Oklahoma gets back into the top ten after a seven point win over 6-5 Iowa State.

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