For what has felt like a few years, rumors keep pouring out of the Bruins’ offseason. They say that not only will Patrice Bergeron return, but so will David Krejci. But when will they actually sign? As the weeks tick by, Bergeron and Krejci are still not signed.

What’s Taking So Long?

Bergeron and Krejci

I mean, really? Just about every Boston sports insider, NHL insider, and random dudes from Quebec and Czechia have said that the Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci deals are to be signed at any moment. This has been going on since June at this point, but nothing has happened. Both these deals feel like they should be no-brainers.

I mean, it’s obvious the Bruins are expecting both players to return. Bergeron had called the Bruins draft picks to congratulate them, and newly acquired Pavel Zacha (who isn’t even signed yet) said that he was excited to have Bergeron as his captain. Speaking of that Zacha trade, the Bruins moved Erik Haula for Zacha, which says that they most likely know their second-line center spot will be filled.

Two Possibilities

Bergeron and Krejci

With this situation, I see two possible outcomes for Bergeron and Krejci’s return. One good scenario and one bad scenario. In the good scenario, Bergeron and Krejci have not signed yet because the Bruins want to make some moves first and see where their cap space is at. The Bruins don’t have to worry about either player signs elsewhere. With how deep 2022 free agency is, the Bruins probably want to attract the best possible free agents. Boston can then afford to hold out on the potential Bergeron and Krejci deals.

The bad scenario is simply that Bergeron and Krejci decide that they are done. Both players are at a point in their hockey career where no one would slight them for stepping away. I’m sure that one of the factors in this long wait for their contracts is that both are deciding if they still even want to play. It’s possible that the Bruins could only get one of these two centers back or neither of them. And not only would this make Bruins fans sad, but it would leave the Bruins’ front office scrambling to fill some pretty big gaps.

Will They Or Won’t They?

Bergeron and Krejci

Ultimately, I believe that both Bergeron and Krejci will be back in black and gold come October. I guess they just want to string everyone along before making their final decisions. Neither of them is done with hockey. And if they both want one last cup run, they will do it in Boston.

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