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I’m starting a new weekly series, Sneaker Wrap Up! For the last few months, I’ve been posting sneaker culture related stuff on my IG story. These weekly articles will feature a few of those postings along with my opinion. 

Let’s get into week 1!

Gold Airmax 97. There’s not much information out on these yet. I like them. The 97 is one of my favorite shoes. 2020 is a big Olympic year. The games will be in Tokyo, so I think these AirMax are related to that. 

A dark mocha 10. Ehhh, still not a fan of brown on Jordans. These are done well though, a nice shade of brown and the red accents are perfect. A pass for me but I wonder if brown will make its way through all of the retro silhouettes.  The Travis Scott effect?

These are from Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro. At first glance, I see a Converse or a Rick Owens. I like them, they’re giving me heavy ’90s grunge. If my conversion skills are correct, the high top version runs around $320. 

This shoe is my obscure pick of the week. They’re just absolutely insane to me. I appreciate the art and the concept from Agent 33. But I’m not dropping any money on them especially not the $390 they’re asking for. 

These are probably the most talked-about shoe this week. These are a Bespoke Jordan 1 for J. Balvin. J. Balvin teased is with a picture before his performance during the Superbowl LIV halftime show. His happy face logo is featured on the heel while an almost heat lamp pattern is featured across the entire shoe. There’s some chatter that these could actually drop in July. 

Last week I posted 27 sneaker-related pictures if you want to see them all checkout Week 1 on my profile. I hope you enjoyed Sneaker Wrap Up, until next week ✌🏾. IG = Chroniclesofroc. Check out my other articles.

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